Monday, January 12, 2009

Kol HaKevod

Hi Rabbi Lopatin, Naomi mentioned you were making an extremely brief trip to Israel this week, and I just wanted to say, Kol hakavod! I so admire and respect you for doing this. It means a lot to me, the people of Sderot, the soldiers, and those of us in Israel in general, to know that we are being supported from afar (or up close on the front lines!). It's hearing about things like this that helps keep me going in these times, to be less intimidated, to feel strengthened by the current situation, instead of diminished by it. So thank you for being here, and for organizing an entire group of concerned and committed rabbis to join you. That's a powerful display of solidarity if I ever saw it, and, as I said before, it really does mean the world to us here in Israel. I sincerely hope your trip goes well and that everyone, including yourself, gains from this experience. May Hashem protect us and bless us with peace within our borders (and within ourselves) soon. B'shalom,

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